Generate More Sales with These 7 Product Page Features

We help e-commerce marketers improve their online catalogs.

When we’re approached by brands to help them get more engagement, conversions and sales from their online catalogs, we always start with a quick check of these 7 fundamentals.

We find brands repeatedly make the same mistakes:

- Their product content is sloppy.
- Their images are misleading.
- Customers come to buy, but leave empty handed
- Customers can’t find the product they are looking for

We’ve seen it all.  And as a result of helping our customers course correct their catalogs we’ve identified the first 7 things you should focus on with your catalog.

We’ve used this same evaluation with major national brand retailers like Amazon, Pier1, Nestle, Workman Publishing, Moen, Comcast, as well as smaller boutique retailers.

Improving on any one of these fundamentals can make a meaningful impact to the bottom line.

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Make use of these insights to make strategic designs which will improve the design of your catalog.

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